About me!

Get to know me a bit better!


Hello, my name is Marina Aguirre. I am a passionate Mexican illustrator! I was born in Mexico but lived most of my life in Montreal. My work is known to be colourful and playful. I like to tackle new challenges and explore various ways to be creative.

I am also known to be detailed oriented, curious, and open minded!

Feel free to contact me at: Marina-Aguirre5752@hotmail.com.
Fun Facts
Here are some Fun Facts about me for those who are curious :)

  • My pronouns are She/Her
  • I have a little dog named Candy. She is the cutest!
  • My favourite color is blue
  • I love to drink white hot chocolate with chai tea
  • My ideal Friday night is watch a Movie/tv show with snacks and a cozy blanket
  • Lastly but not least, I love to have a dance break in the middle of my living room for no apparent reason.